Legal Resources: For Informational Purposes Only

This website provides information with regards to UK legal resources such as explanations of different legal sectors and the processes involved with such areas of law.

This website is for informational purposes only. No legal services are provided through this website and you should always consult your own solicitor before taking any legal action as a business or as an individual.

We hope the articles and resources featured on this website are helpful to those in search of a better understanding of UK laws. The featured legal sectors have been added as were requested by the majority of people who were interviewed before the material was created. We are aware that not all legal sectors have been covered yet but it is hoped that further legal sectors can be added over time.

Editors of this website can make changes via the login area that has been provided by email to all individuals involved. Thanks editors for all your help with this and for amending the resources where necessary.

Special Thanks:

Thank you to the following organisations for their advice, support or for just providing useful online information that helped with the creation of the resources:

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